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Drawing on the white paper table cloth after Thanksgiving dinner.

Doodling while watching a movie.
I’m dumb and have been doing everything on one layer.
What am I doing.
Maybe I’ll finish this later…
Quick 3am doodle from a few weeks ago.  Basically couldn’t sleep and needed to get everything I was feeling out so I just sort of drew how I was feeling I guess.  Maybe this will turn into a finished piece eventually.

Morning doodles.
Done!  Late b-day gift for my friend Whitney!
Working on drawing for a friend’s b-day.
For some reason I completely stopped working on this.  I hate that I go through phases where I want to draw a lot, then just abruptly stop and not draw anything for the longest time.
Maybe I’ll get back to this eventually.
I actually got around to working on this girl again.  Hopefully I’ll get it done soon, I want to get it up on Redbubble.

Spending my break doodling.

Apparently mike is too manly to get this as a tattoo.